Saturday, December 31, 2016

25th and 26th Trips to the NIH

Dan and I made both of these trips together, and it’s a good thing we did.  At both appointments, all the lab results were tip-top, and all was calm, all was bright.  But on the way home, there were complications with our flights.  For the first time ever, we were routed through Phoenix AZ on our way to Boise.  Maybe we’d be able to see our son Kimball, who lives near Phoenix, during the lay-over!  No, with less than an hour from landing to takeoff, there won’t be enough time.  But lucky us!  Our flight from BWI to AZ was delayed, giving us an all-night lay-over in Phoenix after all, which gave us plenty of time for a visit with Kimball, Jaxon, and Kaden!  Kimball took us to his neat and cozy home for the night, and as always, he was a kind and considerate host.  We also met his neighbor, who’s first and unusual middle name are the same as Dan’s.

 After the Dec. appointment, we flew from Reagan or DCA, to Chicago’s Midway airport, and then on to Denver as planned.  But in Denver, after much uncertainty, and long delays, it was finally announced at 1:30AM that our originally scheduled 9:55PM  flight to Boise was cancelled.  Dan stood in line from then until 5:50AM to get new tickets for a 12:40PM flight home.  It, too, was delayed for an hour, but by 4PM we were at last in Boise.  I don’t know what’s changed with the airlines, but we never had any overnight lay-overs during my first three years of traveling between Boise and Bethesda.  .  But in the past year and a half, we’ve had 4 overnighters.  Still, we know that we are blessed to be able to participate in this clinical trial.